Halloween Special-- Opossum Friend

As I have done for the past two years, this year's Halloween Special is a True Tale from my life. I don't have many creepy tales, so this will probably be the last of its kind until some other creepy thing happens to me. Let's hope 2017 holds many horrors, or else I'll have to do something new next year! And that is the truest horror of all!!

Man, animals and I have a spotted past. This ain't even the most upsetting tale, by my standards. But CERTAINLY the most gross. Folks, take it from me, someone who kept thinking time and time again that SURELY this poor abandoned defenseless animal will be my good friend forever and I shouldn't contact any rehabilitators or vets-- if you find an abandoned animal, contact a rehabilitator or a vet. Or just leave it!! Its mom might be waiting for you to leave to go save her poor baby from you, the biggest threat to its life. Or maybe this baby was abandoned because it has a horrible ailment such as MAGGOT INFESTATION

Anyway so don't be selfish and cocky like me, actually call someone who knows how to take care of animals instead of assuming you can totally handle it, because you probably can't.