Dinosaur Empire Announcement!

Hey look, I wrote and illustratd a whole book about the Mesozoic, wow! You can pre-order it on Amazon!!

You can also pre-order it through many fine booksellers on the Abrams site, and you should~

And yes, as the comic says, I am switching JSPH to an "update whever I can" schedule, which it's basically been on for many months now. I have a lot going on, and keeping up with it seems to have become a little impossible! But there will still be a Volume 2 released some day, never you fear.

Thanks to everyone who came to see me at Emerald City Comic Con! It was lovely to see you all, and I hope you had a good time.

(And for those who may be worried about The Last Halloween's update schedule, never fear, I am still very determined to get back to weekly TLH updates!)