Journos 16

IT'S THE LAST DAY! The Kickstarter ends tomorrow around noon, so if you've been holding off, now is the time to pledge to get this big beautiful hardcover (plus all the other good stuff that comes with it.)

I've just implemented a last day sale for all the remaining original page tiers-- all the hourly comics day strips as well as Bigfeet are now only $200 each, and The Door In The Kitchen (all 37 pages!) has been lowered to $1000!

There's also a new $200 tier where you can request all the original pages from the comic of your choice, so long as it's not already spoken for. Just shoot me a message on Kickstarter or wherever is most convenient (twitter, email ([email protected]), etc) and let me know which comic you're interested in owning!

And I hope all of you have a lovely day, you're the best, and I love you