TWRP: The Device-- part I

IT'S HERE. THE FIRST STORY COMIC OF JSPH. And also probably the longest single comic I will ever upload. I hope you like SCROLLING. Because that is ALL you do with this. And this is only the first part! Just wait, it gets EVEN BETTER THAN THIS.

What is this, you ask? Well, if you remember this comic, I met some amazing space musicians on the street one time, and after they saw that comic they asked me to tell the story of The Device, their ep, downloadable for free HERE (though if you want to leave a donation I am SURE they wouldnt mind. It takes cash to groove through the multiverse, you know.) So for the next few weeks you'll be entertained by the colorful exploits of these fine space gentlemen, and it will fill your heart with warm heart emotions. STAY TUNED, DEAR READERS. THE ADVENTURE HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN.

And next issue is gonna have more space Nazi bums in it, if only for the reason that I love drawing them. Tee hee. Bums.