Hourly Comics!

Today I participated in Hourly Comic Day, when you draw a comic for every hour you're awake! You can make them about whatever you'd like, though most of the people I know do autobio comics about what they did that hour. I think that's really fun because then you get to see a day in the life of cool cartoonists like MEEE. Of course most of the day we wind up drawing these comics so most of the comics tend to be "I am drawing currently"

Today I was ALSO on Kel McDonald's Ask Me About My Draculas podcast, where I talked about a YA vampire fiction book series I enjoyed as a teen, hence my watching the movie version before going on the podcast. You can watch it if you want, if you want to hear me talk about these teen vamps!

Also, here is that screaming bird video, which I actually found several months ago when my sister sent it to me, not on tumble. The bird has learned that screaming like a dying human will get it attnetion, so it sits there and screams. And screams