Fat Girl Part 1

People say a lot of dumb things to fat people without knowing it! The ones I hate more than the outright "haha fat dumb cow" comments are the ones that come fom people who mean well, or who pity me. The "dumb fat cow" comments come from dummies who clearly don't know how rad I am, but the well-meaning comments come from people who do not understand that I should not have to continuously place all of my self-worth on how normal-sized I look. And advice from people I did not ask for advice from can be condescending as hell and I hate it.

The doctor part may seem really confusing to people who have not had to go to the doctor as a fat person. I do trust doctors, but also, I hate them constantly telling me the same shit over and over about how I should really lose some weight, despite the fact that I am extremely healthy and at risk for zero illnesses. And in case you think I am exaggerating, I went to the doctor a couple months ago for a weird eye problem, and they wound up giving me a bunch of weight loss tips, even though I told them I was already going to the gym regularly and eating lots of vegetables.

I also have a weird armpit lump but I'm pretty sure it's fine