TWRP: The Device Part 2-1

Part 1!

Part I wound up being huge, and rather than put you people through that again, I've broken Part 2 up into easily-downloadable bits! For those of you who missed Part I and are very confused as to why I am suddenly drawing these space musicians and working in color, refer to Part I for an explanation, because putting it twice is just silly. Until next Tuesday, I will be uploading parts 1-4 of Part 2, and don't worry, it only gets better from here. THEN PART 3 COMES AND AFTER THAT PART 4, THE FINALE. This is just about the most fun ever.

I get to see these marvelous musicians perform tonight! The high fives we'll share are sure to be earth-shattering. I am so excite, you do not even understand. If you don't know why I am excite, obviously you should refer to their website and/or bandcamp and educate thineself on their marvelosity, and then you, too, can be excite.