TWRP: The Device Part 2-2

Did you miss Part I? WHAT A WEIRDO. Go read it. Then also read Part 2-1. Then read this. All caught up? SNAZZTASTIC

Since the last update, I got to go to a TWRP concert and had the funnest time possible, even though a bunch of hippies drank my drank and took my phone. They are probably using it in hippie cleansing rituals now. I ain't even mad, because TWRP is amazing live. Their music is great on its own, but their rhythmic thrusting and hypnotic hip-wiggling really add that special zazz. We high fived. It was historic.

Also apparently people thought what I meant by "next Tuesday" was today and that I would upload one section a day until then... hahaha, nope. I am in no way capable of that kind of forethought. I meant next Tuesday, as in next week. Yeah, so forever from now. I REVEL IN YOUR MISERY.